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Touch of Heaven

Last modified: 12 July 2020 at 03:31 PM
This song was written by Hillsong Worship.

Chords in Key of G

Capo 2 (which makes it key of A) Verse 1: Cadd9 Em7 How I live for the moments G Where I'm still in Your presence Dsus All noise dies down G/B Cadd9 Lord speak to me now Em You have all my attention G I will linger and listen Dsus I can't miss a thing Pre-Chorus: G/B C Lord, I know my heart wants more of You Em My heart wants something new G D So I surrender all Chorus: G/B C All I want D Is to live within Your love Em Be undone by who You are G/B My desire is to know You deeper C D Lord, I will open up again Em Throw my fears into the wind G/B I am desperate for a touch of heaven Tag: C D Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Em G/B Whoa-oh- oh, oh-oh Verse 2: You're the fire in the morning You're the cool in the evening The breath in my soul Or the life in my bones There is no hesitation In Your love and affection It's the sweetest of all Bridge: C D I open up my heart to You Em G/B I open up my heart to You now C D So do what only You can Em G/B Jesus, have Your way in me now

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