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God of Revival

Last modified: 13 March 2020 at 07:02 PM
This song was written by Brian Johnson and Phil Wickham.

Chords in Key of C

Capo 1 (which makes it key of C#) Verse 1: F C We've seen what You can do, oh God of wonders Am G Your power has no end F C The things You've done before in greater measure Am G You will do again Pre-Chorus: F Am There's no prison wall You can't break through C No mountain You can't move G All things are possible F Am There's no broken body You can't raise C No soul that You can't save G All things are possible Chorus: F The darkest night G Am G C You can light it up, You can light it up G Oh God of revival C F Let hope arise G Am G C Death is overcome, You've already won G Oh God of revival Verse 2: You rose in victory and now You're seated Forever on the throne So why should my heart fear what You defeated I will trust in You alone Bridge: F G Am Come awaken Your people G C Come awaken this city G Oh God of revival, pour it out, pour it out F G Am Every stronghold will crumble G C I hear the chains hit the ground G Oh God of revival, pour it out, pour it out

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