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Open Space

Last modified: 25 July 2019 at 06:21 AM
This song was written by Kirby Kaple and Rob Kaple from Housefires.

Chords in Key of D

Verse 1: D A Pull me in closer D/F# Close to Your heart G D May I be a pure reflection of all You are A Love that is patient D/F# Love that is kind G Em7 A love that keeps no offenses or wrongs in mind D/F# Make me like Jesus G A Make me like Jesus Chorus: D My heart is an open space Em7 For You to come and have Your way D/F# G I'm open, I'm open Verse 2: You're faithful to find me Right where I am Even in my wandering You call me friend Mercy receives me And lifts me to my feet And I'm caught up in the wonder and mystery Of knowing Jesus Of knowing Jesus Bridge 1: A Bm D/F# G Do whatever You want to do A Bm D/F# G Say whatever You want to say A Bm D/F# G Move however You want to move A Bm D/F# G Change whatever You want to change Bridge 2: D What are You saying Em7 Where are You going D/F# My heart is open wide G My eyes are open wide

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