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Spirit Move

Last modified: 13 January 2017 at 03:39 PM
This song was written by Kalley Heiligenthal, Amanda Cook, and Brian Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. It is track #15 on Bethel's album, "Have It All."

Chords in Key of G

Capo 3 (which makes it key of Bb) Verse 1: G I feel it in my bones You're about to move Em I feel it in the wind You're about to ride in G You said that You would pour Your Spirit out C You said that You would fall on sons and daughters Pre-Chorus: Em G So like the rain come drench us in love C D Let Your glory rush in like a flood Chorus: C D Em We are fixed on this one thing C D Em To know Your goodness and see Your glory C D Em We're transformed by this one thing C D Em To know Your presence and see Your beauty Verse 2: I can see it now Your kingdom come I can hear it now the sounds of heaven You said that if we ask we'll receive We are asking for the greater measure Bridge: C D So come and blow on through Em G Spirit move we're ready for You C D To come and blow on through Em G Come and do what only You can do

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