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My Soul Finds Rest (Psalm 62)

Last modified: 6 April 2016 at 09:35 AM
This song was written by Aaron Keyes and Stuart Townend.

Chords in Key of C

Verse 1: C F C My soul finds rest in God alone, C Am G My rock and my salvation. C F C A fortress strong against my foes, C F G C And I will not be shaken. F C Though lips may bless and hearts may curse F Dm Gsus4 G And lies like arrows pierce me C F C I'll fix my heart on righteousness C F G C I'll look to Him who hears me Chorus: G F O praise Him hallelujah, C F My Delight and my Reward! G F Everlasting never failing, Dm G C My Redeemer my God. Verse 2: Find rest my soul in God alone, Amid the world's temptations. When evil seeks to take a hold, I'll cling to my salvation. Though riches come and riches go Don't set your heart upon them The fields of hope in which I sow Are harvested in Heaven Verse 3: I'll set my gaze on God alone, And trust in Him completely. With every day pour out my soul, And He will prove His mercy. Though life is but a fleeting breath. A sigh too deep to measure. My King has crushed the curse of death, And I am His forever. Bridge: F Am O praise Him! O praise Him! Gsus4 F Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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