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Pursuit of You

Last modified: 21 March 2016 at 01:47 AM
This song was written by Jaye Thomas.

Chords in Key of A

Bm Bm G A Bm You're chasing me, G A I'm chasing You, Bm G A I'm being pursued by the very Love that I pursue. Chorus: D G Em A In pursuit of You D G Nothing else matters, Em A Nothing will do, G C#m D G Em A And I have nothing worth clinging to. G Em D I'll be Your bride, G Em A Come and be my Groom. Instrumental: Bm C#m D G D Em D A D F#m G D A D Bridge: Bm F#m Bm I keep on running, E F#m D Chasing after You, G D It's my glory. Em D C#m You are worth the pursuit, A D A G So I will run after You.

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