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Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Last modified: 6 March 2017 at 10:06 AM
From the Jesus Culture [1] website, "Bryan and Katie Torwalt met in 2006 at the Bethel School of Supernatural Worship in Redding, CA. Bryan is from Canada and Katie a Californian. They both led worship separately while dating long distance for 2 1/2 years, Bryan in Canada and Katie at Bethel Church. They got married in 2009 and became worship pastors together in Fresno, CA. The experience of their worship together is a powerful and unique mixture of their anointing and history with God. They live to see the earth transform to Heaven’s likeness and for this generation to encounter the real Jesus. They believe that in God’s presence, sickness is healed, prisoners are set free, and minds are restored. Their songs carry hope and life that flow out of every note and lyric. Songs of thankfulness and praise reflect the spirit of their ministry together, and their anthems of prophetic declaration release the heart of revival."

Champion (2016)

  1. Let There Be Light
  2. World Of Grace
  3. Champion
  4. High Above
  5. You Never Let Go
  6. Come And Move
  7. Flame of Fire, Rushing Wind
  8. Mountain
  9. Set Me Ablaze
  10. Enter The Gates
  11. God With Us
  12. Emmanuel (God With Us Forever)

Kingdom Come (2013)

  1. He Is The Light
  2. King Of All The Earth
  3. Weight Of Glory
  4. When You Walk Into The Room
  5. Shores
  6. Spirit Of The Living God
  7. I Will Trust You
  8. Worthy King
  9. Let Every Heart
  10. Burn

Here On Earth (2011)

  1. Glorious
  2. Holy Spirit
  3. He is Faithful
  4. I Breathe You In, God
  5. I'm a Lover of Your Presence
  6. Let the Sound of Heaven
  7. Sing Holy
  8. Nothing Holding Me Back
  9. I See Heaven
  10. You Saved My Soul



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