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Lift Him Up

Last modified: 26 January 2011 at 12:08 PM
This song was written by David Verly and is performed by Cory Asbury on the IHOP compilation CD, "Immersed."

Chords in Key of G

Chorus: F Bb Praise, lift Him up F Praise His name C He's so highly exalted Verse 1: F Bb F Glorify the Lord, Bb F Come with thanksgiving and praise Bb F Come let us lift up the King Bb F It's time to worship, this is the day Verse 2: Open your heart, set it free Let down your guard, enter in Come into the presence of the King It's time to worship, it's a brand new day Bridge: F Bb He's the Everlasting Father, He's the Living God F C The Eternal Messiah, Beginning and the End F He'll never let you down, Bb He will always see you through F If you ever have a doubt, C I'll just keep on telling you Tag: F Lift Him up Bb Lift Him up F Lift Him up C Praise His name F Lift Him up Bb Lift Him up F Lift Him up C He's worthy of our praise

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